Apes are a particularly concerning type of creature to share the world with, and no one wants to live near them. While they have the Spark and communicate with each other, they have no respect for The Law of the Spark. This makes the very intelligent, and frighteningly strong creatures not just troublesome, they are a great threat. Wise Gryphs avoid them when ever possible, and sometimes they even have to be directly faced instead of simply being driven away.

Particular concerns when dealing with Apes:

Traps, usually snares of one sort or another that can inconvenience, immobilize, or even seriously injure a Gryph even before the Ape that set it returns.

Weapons, which include weapons to strike at a distance. They have been known to use these to hunt Gryphs for food, so be cautious.

Hunting Groups, Apes actually hunt as groups, which makes them particularly dangerous for a single or small group of Gryphs. Try not to get caught by Apes by yourself, as they assuredly will not be alone.