A dilute glow Armored Tree-Dweller

The Armored Tree-Dweller is an uncommon breed of the forest vulpine species


The armored tree-dweller reminds many people of a grey fox.

Breed specific characteristics:

  • large to medium-sized perky pointed ears
  • extremely long, thick bushy tail
  • long, thin canine snout on a long face
  • Cheek fluff is most common but some individuals can be found without it
  • There is a set of scales running down the back of the head and back, without covering the neck
  • legs are comparatively short but not dwarfism
  • paws are longer and somewhat flatter.

Breed Standard: TBD

Style of Magic:

Armored Tree Dwellers are able to shape trees and plants, mostly used for concealment and protection. For instance a commonly used path they might extend the growth of vines to allow easier transit, or a tree limb might shift a little to hide their movement through an open area. One also wonders if their uncanny ability to find crevices in trees might be more than locating it. Because of this though Armored Tree Dwellers have a close bond with the trees, and protect them ferociously.

Fun Fact: