Character Advancement Edit

Through play you will have the opportunity to advance your character. There are three types of Milestones that will be given out on a schedule to be determined at this time.

Minor Milestones Edit

These are likely to happen regularly.

After a minor milestone, you can choose to do one (and only one) of the following:

  • Switch the ratings of any two approaches.
  • Rename one aspect that isn’t your high concept.
  • Exchange one stunt for a different stunt.
  • Choose a new stunt (and adjust your refresh, if you already have three stunts).

Also, if you have a moderate consequence, check to see if it’s been around for enough time. If so, you can clear it.

Significant Milestones Edit

These are likely to happen occasionally.

In addition to the benefit of a minor milestone, you also gain both of the following:

  • If you have a severe consequence that’s been around for at least two sessions, you can clear it.
  • Raise the bonus of one approach by one.


When you raise the bonus of an approach, there’s only one rule you need to remember: you can’t raise an approach bonus above Superb (+5).

Major Milestones Edit

These are likely to happen rarely.

Achieving a major milestone confers the benefits of a significant milestone and a minor milestone. In addition, you may doall of the following:

  • Take an additional point of refresh, which you may immediately use to purchase a stunt if you wish.
  • Rename your character’s high concept (optional).

Thoughts Edit

I am thinking to consider each week to be a session, and handle advancement by number of active weeks in RP on the forums with increasing time between each milestone based on how experienced your character has become.

We are considering for those who really want to start with a bit more experience to allow a for real money one time major milestone.

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