The Common Forest Vulpine is a common breed of the Forest Vulpine species. They are quick, clever and friendly.


The common forest vulpine reminds many people of a red fox.

Breed specific characteristics:

  • large to medium-sized perky pointed ears
  • long brush tail.
  • Thinner canine snout
  • Cheek fluff is most common but some individuals can be found without it
  • Has two special genes that's required. One controls the black legs and ear tips, the other controls the white underside and tail-tip. Both genes are recessive and required in the standard.
  • May or may not have vestigial wings

Breed Standard: TBD

Style of Magic:

Common Forest Vulpines can harness the magic of the world around them to a limited degree based on their environment. Mostly they can call small breezes, or take some heat from the air around them to light a fire and little more.

Fun Fact:

The white in the common forest vulpine is not the same as benign white. Benign white and other similar genes can occur and will even cover areas where black should be.