Common tundra lupines by stormslegacy-d8ncm6w

A dilute black and a heterozygous brindle yellow common tundra lupine.


Common Tundra Lupines look a lot like wolves. All mutations are accepted and mutations are very common in this breed.

Breed specific characteristics:

  • Large paws
  • Comparatively small round ears
  • comparatively small eyes
  • Broad canine snout
  • Cheek fluff is a dominant trait but some individuals can be found without it.
  • approximately hock-length brush-like tail
  • may or may not have a pair of vestigial wings.  These are not useful for flying.

Breed Standard: TBD

Style of Magic:

The Common Tundra Lupine has very little command of magic, and most can only muster the magic that all animals with the Spark have to be able to make a spark to light fire.

Fun Fact:

The common tundra lupine is the most common breed in the game.