Gnolls are one of the most dangerous creatures that live in the area near Eastdale Village, and are ubiquitous in the Hills and Forests of the world. They are similar to Spotted Hyenas on casual inspection, but are tool users that can move on all fours, or upright using their clever fore-paws to use or create tools. Gnolls are dangerous, even when solitary due to their strong limbs, rending teeth, and stubbornness. They may have The Spark, but they have no respect for it, and have never shown inclination to communicate in anything beyond animal noises.

Often Gnolls are more prone to threats and loud shows of strength instead of an actual fight, but they will engage in ferocious combat for food, water, or other things that are important to the individual, or their group.

Important to note about Gnolls, they are a matriarchal culture. If you harm a Gnoll male it is often the end of the problem. If you hurt a female, and it alerts what ever their social group is, you will shortly have dozens, or hundreds of angry Gnolls on the way. For this reason, it is often better to avoid Gnolls all together when possible to avoid these kinds of escalating confrontations.