Gryphs Breeds and Species:

Gryphs are the main sentient species found on the world Solterra. They form a loose civilization that protects the world from exploitation. See Culture. Gryphs evolved from a single winged carnigryph ancestor. In the present day, they come in a number of species, many have counterparts in our world due to parallel evolution.

Common tundra lupines by stormslegacy-d8ncm6w

The most common gryph species, the Common Tundra Lupine

Tundra Lupine Species:

Common Tundra Lupine

Heathland Kogrr

Snow Lupe


Forest Vulpines:

Common Forest Vulpines

Faery Fen

Armored Tree-Dweller

Spirit Kin

Steppe Cats

Common Steppe Cat

Lowland Prowler

Shortgrass Wind-Walker

Saiga Shadow

Mountain Bjorns

Common Mountain Bjorn

Ice Walker


Aurora Born