Heathland Kogrrs

The Heathland Kogrr is an uncommon breed of the Tundra Lupine species. They are noted for their bravery and strength, as well as good humor.


The Heathland Kogrr reminds many people of the corgi.

Breed specific characteristics:

  • short legs and long back caused by a form of dwarfism
  • Long, rounded ears
  • Smooth back plating which may or may not be spiked. Small segments like found on the armored tree-dweller are a fault.
  • black eyes. Any other colored eyes are a significant fault, unless grey from dilution, etc.
  • comparatively large eyes
  • Broad canine snout
  • rounded cheek fluff is most common but some individuals can be found without it
  • Benine white is more common than in other breeds, and often appears on the face and paws.
  • approximately hock-length brush-like tail
  • Tail may be stubbed, present or completely absent (rumped)

Breed Standard: TBD

Style of Magic:

The Heathland Kogrr's command of magic is almost entirely internally focused. Through significant effort they can boost their strength, stamina, or speed for a few moments. Outside of themselves they can do little beyond create a spark.

Fun Fact:

The tailless form is the most common, but about 1/5 carry the allele for tailed.