General Description Edit

A wide expanse of tundra stretching North from Eastdale Village, as far as the eye can see East and West. The terrain is rolling, and is a beautiful and colorful grass land during the summer months. The rest of the year the frost covers the landscape giving it a whole different kind of beauty. The landscape is dotted with hills, and stands of evergreen forests. Most of the residents are Lupes that den in packs and some small villages, barely big enough to have a name.

Specific Locations Edit

The Ring Lake, and The Cold Island Edit

Prominent in the Leina Tundra, and the only thing the North Road diverts for is known as the Ring Lake. From above where flying Gryphs can look at it, the ring lake is a spectacular location with an odd nearly perfectly circular double ridge line enclosing the lake between the outer ridge, and an inner island. The Cold Island, and the air space over it are avoided not just by the wise, but by everyone. In theory one could just fly there, but the temperatures once you cross the edge of the ring lake over the cliffs to the island drops so quickly that it is rapidly dangerous to the health of any gryph that crosses. There have been a few that have tried due to curiosity about what's beyond the ice sheet that almost seems to be a second ring lake, and either turned back quickly, or never been seen again. As long as one doesn't climb or fly over the cliff edge though, the huge water way of the Ring Lake is prosperous and is regularly fished by those that can reach it over the ridge line.

Axe Blade Pass Edit

Marking the far northern edge of the Leina Tundra is the Axe Blade Pass. Few have attempted the pass, as it is well known that beyond it is simply ice, ice, and more ice to the North. It simply isn't worth taking the risks to try to go through the pass through the high winds, and biting cold. The Great North Road continues further North through the pass, and is assumed to be the cause of the cut through the mountain, but no Gryph in living memory or storied history has made it through.

Notable Gryphs Edit

There is a family of Snow Lupes by the name of the Asuilaak family that practice stone carving using wind over decades and generations of directing the wind. Currently there are three generations of this small family working on their current carving near The Ring Lake.

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