The Lowland Prowler is an uncommon breed of the Steppe Cat species. They are suspicious, dependable and a tad gruff.


The Lowland Prowler reminds many people of an armored bobcat.


Breed specific characteristics:

  • large to medium-sized perky pointed ears
  • short bob tail
  • Thick feline snout, fang teeth desirable
  • Cheek fluff is most common but some individuals can be found without it
  • large eyes with vertical pupils
  • Triangular spines down the back
  • Whiskers
  • gem on forehead

Breed Standard: TBD

Style of Magic:

Lowland Prowlers specialize in defense. They are calm, collected observers. They also can hit hard when needed.

Fun Fact:

Most seem to be found in a stalking/striding pose.