Gryphs, the Spark, and Magic Edit

Gryphs are magical creatures, as they must be with the Spark. Each breed has slightly different command over magic, and most rely on the magic they can pull from the world around them. Magic is strengthened by life, and the more alive an area the stronger the magic. The less harmony in the area, the more strange and unpredictable the magic. In deep deserts the magic may not exist in any form Gryphs can access, which can be very dangerous. Overall due to this Gryphs tend to avoid disturbing the life of the areas they live in, and avoid dead areas as much as possible.

Magic of The Spark Edit

One of the reasons of the name chosen for the distinguishing feature of species that have the ability to speak and reason is The Spark is simple. Those creatures that have it are distinguished by the magical ability to create a spark. Now, over time it has come to focus on reason, speech, and creativity. Still though, the ability to create a spark is considered a base thing that everyone can do. Those few Gryphs that can't are looked at with a bit of pity, though those that are polite would never mention that disability.

Manipulation and Creation Edit

One of the most major differences in magical styles is creation versus manipulation. Those Gryphs that can manipulate the world around them are much more common. Very few Gryphs can apparently create from nothing by using magic around them, and in those cases it's usually limited. The best known of those that can create is the Moonsinger.