Mask Making Edit

An important part art in the area of Eastdale Village, and anywhere Spirit Kin live. Given the need of the Spirit Kin to wear masks on the Festival of the Passed, mask making has become a common art for them to practice. Many others who enjoy masks have started working with them. There are a few styles of mask that are common to Eastdale Village.

Wooden Masks Edit

The most common masks are wooden masks. The standard method for them is to carve or burn out a partially hollowed log or tree, carve out features, burn it for hardness, and then paint the surface. Most Spirit Kin masks are very colorful, but some of the masks created for artistry have started being more simple and understated. Some even don't have any painting on them just having stark and geometric features carved on them.

One of the things that's interesting about the contrast of traditional masks for the Festival of the Passed and the more modern style is that not only are the traditional masks colorful, they evoke living faces. The more modern masks interestingly often evoke spirits, and mythological creatures. Some think that this transition is unwise, and out of deference to that the more modern masks aren't worn by most on the Festival of the Passed.

Ceramic Masks Edit

A much more complex process requiring great patience, but less work than wooden masks, ceramic masks are a relatively new thing. They take paint well though, and last for a long time if treated with care. A small group has taken to using Ceramic Masks of the faces of deceased family members as small shrines to their memories. Otherwise design wise Ceramic Masks often echo the design choices of the older wooden masks without the long hard work of wood. The smoothness is also a sought after result which a number of Gryphs prefer to the rougher results of wood.

Leather Masks Edit

Leather Masks are more flexible than either Wooden or Ceramic masks, and can be of very high quality. Only one Spirit Kin by the name of Hoshi that lives in Vulpes Mori creates it at this time that anyone knows of. The masks he make have very life like expressions. He himself has taken to wearing them day to day instead of just one day a year. He will wear a different mask every day from what anyone can tell.

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