Music is a very popular part of Gryph culture. Music is frequently a part of the various religious festivals celebrated. It is also used for more individual celebrations or just for fun. Particularly proficient musicians will perform publicly to display their skill and creativity, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. It is not unheard of for those with musical capabilities to put them to use during courtship.


Each species has its own forms of song:

The Lupines tend towards group singing with an acapella howl layering many different voices, howling at different pitches with different rythms, to create a comple melody. Sometimes one of the group will sing a lyrical section over the top, following or complementing the melody.

The Vulpines also have a traditional howl form of song but since their scale differs widely from that of other Gryph species it is often considered less than pleasing to the ears. They tend to save this form for special occasions and Vulpine majority events. However Vulpines also have a great proficiency with more modern forms of lyrical song in a more broadly accesible scale with an emphasis on clever wordplay.



Constructed out of hollow logs these simple, drum-like instruments can be pounded with the front paws to produce a rythm. Using logs of differing diameters will produce different tones. These drums can only be made from trees that have fallen naturally, certain woods produce better sounds and if a tree is known to have fallen many crafts-gryphs will converge on the area to be able to obtain a log.


Constructed out of hollow reeds cut to different lengths and tied together these woodwind instruments can be panted across to create a soft, sighing tune.


Made by weaving plant fibres into strings of different thickness and stringing them across a curved piece of wood and then plucking them. Can also be made with animal gut if available. Usually decorated with ornate carving they come in an array of shapes and sizes.