Plant Arts Edit

There are a few distinct and very philosophically divergent areas of plant arts. There is Tree Manipulation, Live Flower Arrangement, and Cut Flower Arrangement.

Tree Manipulation Edit

A very honored art practiced mostly by Armored Tree-Dwellers due to their connection with trees, but also practiced by many other Gryphs. Projects range from small trees mostly practiced for solely decorative purposes by those without magical connection to trees huge tree branch shelters and even bridges.

The small tree projects, usually practiced on bushes or dwarf trees are most often done by those without magical capacity to work with trees. This is done most often by using string and wire to shape the growth patterns of limbs, and careful pruning. This art is one that requires great patience as you will often have to wait a year to do more work on your long term project.

The larger projects are mostly practiced by those with magic that lets them work with trees. There is a group of magic deaf Tundra Lupines that has been working with these huge projects through main strength, and larger versions of the management carried out in smaller projects. Otherwise, most of this work is done with magic to stretch majestic spans across rivers, gorges, and over common areas to give shelter. These living structures are lovingly tended by those that shaped them and those that live around them.

Live Flower Arrangement Edit

Highly regarded in towns, live flower arrangement is a matter of great knowledge, precision, and forethought. It is focused around shaping the earth and plants to make a pleasing spectacle through out the living portion of the year. Masters of this art will have a glorious living artwork without a break through out the growing season, with the first sprouts starting to come up through the last of the snow. Most dens practice some bit of this art around their dens in the area they don't grow food plants if they do.

This is an art heavily tied in with the cycle of life, and philosophically is all about the life of plants and existing with them.

Cut Flower Arrangement Edit

A much less common art that is associated with the ephemeral nature of life and beauty, and consciously arranging cut flowers and small items around them to make pleasing arrangements day by day. For this art the arrangements are usually minimalist, and are based around triangles. The parts of the triangle symbolize Solterra, the Sun, and Luna. During the practice of flower arrangement the practitioner will be silent, and should be in touch with the nature around them and take in everything as they show their intentions and connections to nature with the subtitles of the art.

This art is one that few appreciate as it requires training to understand the purpose of it. Some are uncomfortable with the obvious connections between this art and Dissolution Wolf, though the results can be moving even if not fully understood.

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