A dominant black Uu snow lupe

The Snow Lupe is an uncommon breed of the Tundra Lupine species. They are a cheery sort, bred for cold weather. Their small, tight wings are ideal for their northern habitat.


The Snow Lupe reminds many people of the husky.

Breed specific characteristics:

  • medium-sized perky pointed ears
  • Small, tight feathered wings.
  • eyes must be blue, green or purple. Blue is most common. Yellow, red and orange are major faults
  • Broad canine snout
  • rounded cheek fluff is most common but some individuals can be found without it
  • Has a special gene thats common called Downunder (U). Most individuals are Uu resulting in color on their topsides from the forehead to the tail. UU results in a white-coated gryph with a pink nose. uu is normal coloring.
  • Tail is fluffy and in a tight curl over the back

Breed Standard: TBD

Style of Magic:

Snow Lupes can sing to the wind, and call it to them to lift them for longer flights or start gales. Some can even whisper to the wind and the weather to ask it to change. Whether it listens or not, that's something else entirely.

Fun Fact:

Some Snow Lupe's carry the dwarfism trait that can be found in the Healthland_Kogrr