A dominant black spirit kin


Spirit Kin are similar to foxes with a skull face and bat-like wings

Breed specific characteristics:

  • Smaller paws
  • Comparatively medium to large ears
  • Open skull
  • Fluffy neck
  • Long brush-like tail
  • Bat-like dual colored wings
  • Darker colors than you would expect, though dilution is very common in the breed as well. There seems to be no middle ground.
  • can have up to three tails.

Breed Standard: TBD

Style of Magic:

A creature between worlds, the Spirit Kin with significant time or effort can speak to the spirits of all things in the world around them. They themselves can do little to actively influence the world, but through this they can ask the world around them for aid when they need it.

Fun Fact:

The Spirit Kin is twice as rare as a Moonsinger