General Description Edit

Strangely lush and warm for its proximity to the Leina Tundra the Vulpes Mori is a thick woodland. The variety of trees is said to be magical, and no one doubts it. Most who aren't Vupes or Moonsingers don't go in simply due to the thickness of the woods, and the air of magic that permeates the air. Small villages, and individual Vulpes live scattered through the woodlands. It is said that there is a spring in the heart of the woods that grants health to the sick, though it is of course, just a rumor say the Faery Fen.

Notable Locations Edit

The Steam Caves Edit

Near the edge of Vulpes Mori, one of the few places that even non magical Lupes will visit if they have the opportunity are a real wonder. The Steam Caves at the edges have caves that are hot and filled with steam, and steaming hot pools that are said to ease pains, and soothe the spirit. If nothing else they are comfortable, relaxing, and cleansing. Rarely do any venture deeper into the caves than the first outer caves due to the sheer temperature, and the dangers of tight passages. Some have disappeared forever into the deep caves speaking of floating lights that they followed to never be seen again.

Notable Gryphs Edit

Aoi Edit

An old Spirit Kin that lives alone in the Vulpes Mori other than her crow she calls Nani. Dark blue with more silver than color on her, she is undoubtedly venerable. How old she is, no one really seems to be able to say. She rarely seems to do much other than wander and watch. She is notable for wearing a mask all the time, it is a crow mask made with the feathers of a crow, doubtless Nani's feathers. The few times she does come down from her dwelling, people look to her expecting wisdom, but for the most part, she just watches.

She was involved in getting Kit Sunbeam of Eastdale Village to uncap a nearby life well that had been capped.

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