Some have called Woltures the dark mirror of Lupes, but that isn't a particularly accurate depiction of them. They are superficially similar to winged Lupes with a bald head, and a fluffy ruff. They however lack the prime requisite to be anything like a Lupe, they lack The Spark entirely. They are certainly clever and dangerous for that reason alone, but without the Spark they are not a dark mirror civilization or anything of the like. They are mostly a threat to livestock, the young, and the old. Usually they prefer to face things that can't fight back, or don't have the chance to. They almost exclusively live in packs.


Woltures are often illness vectors for Lupe populations due to being so similar. They seem to never get sick, but carry awful diseases sometimes, best avoided.

The call of the Wolture is similar, but distinctly different from Lupes. As opposed to the clear, and musical sounds of a Lupe's howl, Woltures start off with a coughing bark type sound followed by a clear and musical howl that can be mistaken for a Lupe's howl. They too howl to bring a hunting pack together, so listen for the first hacking sounds.